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Yamaha TTR110 Big Bore Kit, Air Filter, & Jets 130cc (All Years) TB Parts

Bolt on big power with new 130cc Bore Kit for TTR110s (All Years), Pod Filter, and Jets.

-Pod Air filter allows you to delete the stock air box for more power

-Jets (Mains and Pilots) included for the stock carb to dial in the jetting

-Lightweight high compression domed piston with rings, pin, & clips (91+ Octane Pump Fuel Safe!)

-55.5mm, this is the biggest bore kit you can install without needing machining to the cases (case boring). These are high quality parts and definitely will dramatically increase the power and fun factor on your bike!

There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit as the parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts. However, its highly recommended that a professional install this kit and make sure its tuned properly to prevent a lean condition and damage to your engine.

9203$209.99Bike:  55mm Cylinder 1522:  55mm Piston Kit 1520:  55mm Gasket Kit 1521:  Pilot Jet Kit 1560:  Main Jet Kit 1559:  Air Filter 863: 

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